step by step

I conceived this diorama with purpose of integrating two kits of different general lines:
- the fantasy Queen of Goroul (JJModels);
- the realistic Warlord (Kirin)

Since the beginning I decided to change the queen to a running warrioress, using the helmet from the Kirin kit that I will not use for the warlord.

Using sheet-lead I made some drapings to give the figure activity.

Calves and feet are covered with sheet-lead made shoes, also hiding the right ankle change made to show the running attitude.

Left picture shows dissected figure.

Then figure is rebuilded, statically verified and ready for painting.

The queen now is a warrioress that must show her bravery to the warlord, surviving a run close to the goroul: obviously she would be eaten if it catches her!

Do you think "fast food" is where you eat hamburger? You're wrong: think fantasy, folks ...

I cannot tell you about hunting metods of gorouls, jumping directly at the quarry, extending tongue or what other; you can search over the web and let me know if you find any interesting news about (I thing about lucubration when I was a kid about mysterious "green-pebble-eater" ...).

Goroul and warlord are built without modifications.

First of them is painted following the momentary inspiration, with only purpose to show his monstrosity.

I paint second one following a military flash, using a "Gulf War" camouflage scheme, we're talking about fantasy anyhow ...

Warlord is present at the examination, sitting on his throne dominating the cavern where the Goroul shows his anxiety (or it's appetite?).

Right picture shows the scene outline for spaces check.

Some modern materials (metallic plates, iron beams ...) and some technical tips (the throne right keyboard) in environment make opposition between medieval humans and fairy goroul.

Throne platform (on the left just before painting) is made with plasticard plates, tubes and shapes, just with some spare parts from previous models (planes, tanks).

Throne is painted with a light gray base, sprayed with heavely tinned dark green to enhance hollows, then with heavely tinned tan; when it's getting dry a white dry-brushing and a blue-dirty-mattlack spay (... dirty but non mixed ...) complete the stone look (... it's my system ...).

Painted platform (left) is adorned with decals and paper color prints, and later will be fixed to cavern wall.

The cavern will be built using wood, polystyrene and plaster.

The cavern is outlined in a ply-wood box, while wood strips define the back wall platform fixing area and supports for trestle-bridge the warrioress runs on (on the right there's the box structure).

Wall's shape is defined using ply-wood frames and then with gauze fixed to the wooden structure.

Empty spaces are filled with polystyrene that will disappear following use of blaster.

Wet blaster is sprinled with dry blaster, enhancing surface roughness.

Next day blaster is dry, then it's painted with a heavely tinned black, following the principle "let nature, blaster porosity and the chance make their work".

Dry paint is fixed with an heavy mattlack spray.

The stone the goroul is sitting on is fixed to the bottom of the cavern; some synthetic vegetation and some araldite make the cavern lake.

Every araldite layer is blood-soiled using acrilic transparent red (Tamiya), paying attention it does not spread too much.

At this time I unfortunately perceive that overall sight is interfered by the front up strut, so I remove it.

Diorama is completed by fixing characters (you can see other pictures clicking on bottom picture):